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Hey guys. I’m Ryan, the DM for City On A Hill Gaming. I’m releasing this post along side a special podcast short that talks about the world of Celensar, the setting for our Actual Play Podcast.

The world is a homebrew of mine that was started back when I was prepping for our first campaign last year. It has evolved from there. Amusingly enough, a lot of the world building happened one night at work. I was making a very simple map on a sticky note of our main area, Thaceren. That eventually led that night and the next to a total of nine sticky notes all together will interconnected land masses, water ways, and roads. Each note represented something of a region for the world. At some point, I will post a picture online, but it would be somewhat spoiler filled, so not right now.

The regions and their concepts have changed over time, some only a little, but some, quite a lot. I started this “map” of sorts months ago, and one region just got an actual name and concept yesterday. But I like that. It should be flexible as new ideas emerge or I take in new content. (Big thanks to Wizards for releasing an Eberron book and a Ravnica book. All the ideas.)

And it is interesting building with certain restrictions I have in place due to the nature of our Actual Play. The world is built on the basis of two core ideas. First, the content therein should be family-friendly. No room on that one. I want a world and a podcast that I am comfortable with children listening to.

Second, the faith in the game, and even some of the story elements, are drawn from Christianity. I want this to be a game which Christians, be they tabletop gamers or not, can be comfortable listening to. But I also want anyone to be able to listen. Gamers, or not. Christian or not. I know there are folks out there who have concerns when it comes to things like Dungeons and Dragons. So part of our purpose, much like the fine folks over at the Saving the Game podcast… (Go check them out, like right now…. No, no, no I’ll wait. Go. stgcast.org. This will still be here when you get back.) Some part of our purpose was to create something to help demonstrate the immense amount of safe and enjoyable fun and fellowship that can be had playing tabletop games, not just DND. DnD was something I wasn’t initially sure about myself. But I’ve played enough that I see the good. The potential for fellowship. Safe, enjoyable, doesn’t have to be negative fun. Just go with me on this. Try it. (We will wait. Go play.)

So that is a glimpse at the foundation of Celensar, our game world. I will be doing more podcast shorts and blog posts about it in the future. If you have questions, hit us up on Twitter, by email, or in the comments down below.

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