Unknown Shores, Episode 1

Welcome back to City On A Hill Gaming! This is episode 1 of our special new series, the Unknown Shores. This time I was joined by James and Bryan from the Geek at Arms Podcast! These guys and their co-host Mike are awesome and you need to be listening to their show. (Links below). Really appreciate them coming on for this.

Small amount of background for the set up of this. Unknown Shores is set in a region of the same world as our main campaign that is completed disconnected from the rest of the regions… Mostly. For character creation, the players had one main restriction. The only races playable are Gnome, Halfling, and Warforged. So enjoy this first episode and the special adventures of Hal, Feddernik, and their npc cleric Sal!

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Thanks, and have a blessed day!

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  1. Great episode! I’m looking forward to the next time you have them on.

  2. That was a very interesting side spot.

    I’m enjoying watching your world grow. 🙂

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