Season 2, Episode 20 – “The one where Ryan almost sings” or “The one where Ryan did not plan well at all”

Welcome back. So honesty time. We decided to try something a little different for this episode. No, not singing. We do that on our own, randomly. (Shout out to my 6th grade class production of Fiddler on the Roof) We were joined by Justin, aka Chivalrybean as our guest villain (spoilers). I did not pre-plan things as well as I should have for this kind of episode. So it does not play out like we had hoped exactly. But we did still have a lot of fun and I think you guys will enjoy it. I really appreciate Justin taking the time to come hang out and play with us, and you will definitely hear him on again in the future!

Big thanks again to Justin aka Chivalrybean for joining us! You can find him on Twitter @Chivalrybean.

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