“BEEEEEEEES!” – Twitch Stream Creations

This is the recording (loosely edited) from our recent Twitch stream. We were joined by Cameron of 1Geek411 and our friend Gregory to build things for the campaign! We made a subclass of Ranger around a surprising option of Jenny’s. And… a whole new class! More on both coming soon in the future hopefully! We hope you enjoy it! Thanks to everyone who came and chatted and the whole group who was on the call!

Find Cameron (Also Chris, Emma, and Shaneen) over at https://www.1geek411.com/ or on Twitter https://twitter.com/1Geek411.

You can find Gregory on Twitter https://twitter.com/taos777. Go say hi!

Ben is on Twitter https://twitter.com/BigBenTempleton. Also say hi!

Daniel is at https://twitter.com/FullMetalHoyt and Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/fullmetalhoyt

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