Episode 22, the Finale

This is the Finale of our first Campaign! Thanks for joining us so far. In January there will some special content and then in February, we will begin Campaign 2. Ben, Daniel, and William will be returning, but sadly Jonathan and Jenna will be retiring from the main cast. They will still appear on occasion […]

Episode 21

Welcome back to City On A Hill Gaming!  This is Episode 21 of our Actual Play Podcast!  Hope you enjoy!   You can find us on Twitter @CityOnAHillGame or in your Podcast Apps as City On A Hill Gaming.  And go check out Saving the Game at stgcast.org or @SavingtheGame on Twitter.  They are an absolutely […]

Side Quest #3

Welcome back! This is Side Quest! Side Quest is special series set outside of the normal story but still related to the same world. This time we are joined by two special guests, Justin and Rich! I met these two through the Saving The Game podcast Discord channel. Thanks for joining me guys! Justin “Chivalrybean” […]