Igala’s Rise

And we back!  This time we bring you some fun extra content featuring three super cool ladies and their avian player characters.  Below you will find the basic aarakocran changes I made for just this sub region game or so.  Any suggestions on updates, let me know!   And apologies for some brief audio hiccups from […]

Sergeant Cjic’s Notebook

(the following is an exert from Sergeant Cjic’s notebook during the recent Crosspoint’s adventure) 7th of Strenjke (November) 215 A new creature has entered the region in the last week.  Reports come in from various tribes of a large, green, quilled creature digging in the deserts near the Third Shelf.  Lord Grent is seeking assistance […]

Crosspoints, An Adventure in Planes

And we are back! Short break from our normal campaign uploads (they will return soon) to bring you something a little different. Special thanks to Cameron, Chris, Quentin (Greg), and Steven for joining us for this new adventure. Hopefully there will be some more adventures in the future in this new plane hidden inside Rahdon’s […]

Side Quest #9 – “A Field Trip”

Another Side Quest is here! Apologies to Jenny for not getting this out sooner. Her character, John, goes on an adventure with some old and new friends! They even leave the normal plane! So check it out. Check out Peter, Jenny, and Grant over at Saving the Game!Saving the Game can be found at stgcast.org.@SavingTheGame on Twitterhttps://www.youtube.com/user/SavingTheGamePodcast/videos […]

Season 2, Episode 16 – “Skunk Arrows”

Welcome back to City On A Hill Gaming! This week, the party continues their adventure with the Jedit and some orcs. Hope you enjoy! You can find us at @CityOnAHillGame on Twitter or email us at cityonahillgaming@gmail.comLeave us a rating/review on iTunes or your whatever awesome podcast app you use. We’d really appreciate it! Check out Peter, Jenny, […]

Unknown Shores, Episode 2

This week we are back with part 2 of our special series, the Unknown Shores. This sub-series takes place on the island of Ihnjoru and the characters are made up of gnomes, halflings, and a few warforged. Bryan and James are back from Geek At Arms, and are joined by Mike from InnRoads Ministries and […]

Season 2, Episode 5

Episode 5 is here! The party meets some orcs. I’d give you 10 guesses on how they get past it, but… you won’t get there. And if you do… message me. Always looking to get some more ideas! Check us out on social media@CityOnAHillGame on Twitter or email us at cityonahillgaming@gmail.comLeave us a rating/review on […]

Unknown Shores, Episode 1

Welcome back to City On A Hill Gaming! This is episode 1 of our special new series, the Unknown Shores. This time I was joined by James and Bryan from the Geek at Arms Podcast! These guys and their co-host Mike are awesome and you need to be listening to their show. (Links below). Really […]

Story Time with Grant… and other fun moments

Since its April Fool’s Day, I decide to postpone our scheduled special upload with this instead. 101 seconds of amusement! Hope you enjoy. Special upload with James and Bryan from Geek at Arms tomorrow! Check out Geek at Arms!http://geekatarms.com/https://twitter.com/ArmsGeek Check us out on social media@CityOnAHillGame on Twitter or email us at cityonahillgaming@gmail.com Leave us a […]

Season 2, Episode 4

Welcome back! This is Episode 4 of Season 2! This is City On A Hill Gaming, a family-friendly, faith-based Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Actual Play Podcast. We hope you enjoy! Oh, and I apologize in advance for all the coughing. Several of us had a case of the blahs. Check us out on social […]

Season 2, Episode 3

Welcome back to City On A Hill Gaming! This is Episode 3 of our 2nd Campaign. The players are back from their dragonish adventure, only to be sent right back out on a new job! The second half of this session will release on 3/25. We hope you enjoy! Check us out on social media@CityOnAHillGame […]

Side Quest #5 – Picking Pieces

Welcome back to City On A Hill Gaming! This is Side Quest #5. It features Bertrand Greystone, Peter’s Dwarf Forge Cleric. Big thanks to Peter for joining me for this new side story. We hope you enjoy it. It releases today along with our regularly scheduled episode! To connect with us online check these links!@CityOnAHillGame […]

Season 2, Episode 2

Welcome back to City On A Hill Gaming! This is Episode 2 of our 2nd Campaign. The players travel deeper in to the forest, on the trail of a curious foe. We hope you enjoy it. Connect with us online and let us know, @CityOnAHillGame on Twitter or cityonahillgaming@gmail.com! As a note, Episode 2 is […]

Season 2, Episode 1

Welcome back to City On A Hill Gaming. This is Episode 1 of our 2nd Campaign/Season. Daniel, William and Ben are back. Plus, the fine folks from Saving the Game are joining us this campaign. Big thanks to Peter, Grant and Jenny for coming on board. We hope you enjoy this new campaign. We’d love […]


So this is a brief post about the class overhaul I did of the sorcerer class from 5th Edition for our 2nd campaign here at City On A Hill Gaming. Jenny, from Saving the Game, was interested in playing a sorcerer for our campaign. The concept of the sorcerer, i.e. where they often get their […]