Sergeant Cjic’s Notebook

(the following is an exert from Sergeant Cjic’s notebook during the recent Crosspoint’s adventure) 7th of Strenjke (November) 215 A new creature has entered the region in the last week.  Reports come in from various tribes of a large, green, quilled creature digging in the deserts near the Third Shelf.  Lord Grent is seeking assistance […]

Crosspoints, An Adventure in Planes

And we are back! Short break from our normal campaign uploads (they will return soon) to bring you something a little different. Special thanks to Cameron, Chris, Quentin (Greg), and Steven for joining us for this new adventure. Hopefully there will be some more adventures in the future in this new plane hidden inside Rahdon’s […]

Side Quest #9 – “A Field Trip”

Another Side Quest is here! Apologies to Jenny for not getting this out sooner. Her character, John, goes on an adventure with some old and new friends! They even leave the normal plane! So check it out. Check out Peter, Jenny, and Grant over at Saving the Game!Saving the Game can be found atĀĀ on Twitter […]