Igala’s Rise, a story in flight (Part 2, Episode 1)

New episode! Apologies for the delayed upload. Second part of this new story will be out later this week! Big thanks to JoAnne, Ashley and Shaneen for joining me again to do this all flying characters game! You can find these awesome ladies online at these places:JoAnne – https://twitter.com/LolliJojo Ashley – https://twitter.com/APK1186 Shaneen – https://twitter.com/thehootandhowl […]

Season 2, Episode 22 – “Puns! Plus Bertrands fixes… well everything. All the things. (long title, sorry)”

And we are back with another main series episode! The party is back at it, dealing with weird flying golem things that are totally not from space I promise. We hope you enjoy! Check out Peter, Jenny, and Grant over at Saving the Game!Saving the Game can be found at stgcast.org.@SavingTheGame on Twitterhttps://www.youtube.com/user/SavingTheGamePodcast/videos Check us out at @CityOnAHillGame on […]