So this is a brief post about the class overhaul I did of the sorcerer class from 5th Edition for our 2nd campaign here at City On A Hill Gaming. Jenny, from Saving the Game, was interested in playing a sorcerer for our campaign. The concept of the sorcerer, i.e. where they often get their powers in traditional DnD lore is something I have never been super comfortable with personally, and honestly that bled over in to how we are handling content in our actual play. (More on that in the future)

So below is a brief overview of the Crimsonborne class from a gameplay perspective. Let me know what you think! Feel free to use it. I will release more of the overhaul when we get in to higher levels for the class.


Born from the Rift

You are crimsonborne.  What flows through and from you, you gained by your exposure to the Crimson Rift, near Greyhold, on the edge of the Desert of the Grey Dragon.

At 1st lvl, your arcana skill increases by 1 and by 1 again every other level in this class.  

Additionally, your skin is slighly opaline.  Flecks of crimson can be seen beneath your skin.  Whenever you spend a rift fleck, one fades. When using a rift fleck, the save DC for your spells is +1 higher than usual.  

Pieces of the Rift

Beginning at 2nd lvl, you have two rift flecks and gain more

as you lvl up.  You regain all flecks after a long rest.  

You can use flecks to gain additional

slots or use slots to gain more flecks.

Rift Flow

Starting at 6th lvl,  you gain the ability to channel the crimson energy from the Rift within you.  As a bonus action on your turn you may begin gathering your rift energy. At the beginning of the turn after you activate Rift Flow, you gain one Shard.  You may expend that shard to add 1d4 force damage to any spell attack or you may continue gathering energy. You may not spend more than 2 shards on any given turn and may not gather more than 3.  At 10th level, you may gather an additional energy per use of Rift Flow.

As to the concept, we discuss it briefly in Side Quest #4, which focuses completely on Jenny’s character, John. To summarize, the concept is an interesting, built around what Jenny likes to refer to as a “Very Magical Accident”. From a lore perspective, there exists a great desert in the southern part of the region of Anwaru. Within that great desert, lives a dragon who was often quite an issue for the peoples living in the surrounding areas. An elven magi set out to deal with the dragon, hoping to lure him in to a rift he set out to open between the world of Celensar and the Crimson Plane. Unfortunately, he was not familiar enough with the Crimson Plane, not realizing that such a rift would be open both ways. As he opened it, out poured Crimson Creatures and Crimson Energy. With of some adventurers, he managed to drive back the creatures and even force the dragon through the Rift before closing it.

But the energy was a different issue all together. The Crimson flowed from the Rift for a solid day and that had its impact. The energy had a serious… shall we say… affect on the creation around the Rift. People of all races, various creatures, and even the fauna have changed. Crimson energy has a curious effect on those who are exposed to it. Some of the humans and half elves in the area developed… abilities. Curious access to new powers and strengths. They are known as the Crimsonborne. Some have adapted well to their new opportunities. Others have struggled. But Yahweh is sure to use all that happens for good

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