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  1. This is really fun to listen to guys. 🙂
    I have a friend that listens to Critical Role on Youtube, but doesn’t recommend their language or content. I watched half an episode and definitely was less than thrilled.

    These first “2” episodes have been a lot of fun. 😀 I look forward to the rest of the series should I have the time. I’m also curious as to this faith based theme that you’ve built into this world of yours. 🙂
    Until next time, God bless in his Grace and Truth.

    • Glad you are enjoying it! Definitely let us know what you think! I get the Critical Role feels there. Definitely. Curious how you found us, if you don’t mind.

      • I’m up to episode 8 so far.
        The adventuring characters are coming into themselves which is fun.
        Ryan, assuming this is to whom I speak, could work on his generic characters being a bit more diverse in their speaking and mannerisms as they all thus far have happily greeted the adventurers in similar tones. However that one gnome, I think, in the shop with the magic items had a unique to him accent. Sure it slipped just a tad and morphed into something else, but that added a lot of reality to his little shop. 🙂
        Still thoroughly enjoying the show though.
        Oh, the Hobgoblins all had a unique bent to them. They were awesome too.

        And I literally found you by googling, “Christian D&D podcast”. It took me a bit to find you, but you were listed here.


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