Unknown Shores, Episode 2

This week we are back with part 2 of our special series, the Unknown Shores. This sub-series takes place on the island of Ihnjoru and the characters are made up of gnomes, halflings, and a few warforged. Bryan and James are back from Geek At Arms, and are joined by Mike from InnRoads Ministries and Kyle from MinMax Podcast! Check all their awesome podcasts out in the links below. You can find us on Twitter @CityOnAHillGame or online at cityonahillgaming.com!

All the Links:

Mike Perna
You can find Mike and the other awesome folks from InnRoads Ministries these places:
Twitter – https://twitter.com/innroads
Website –http://www.innroadsministries.com/
GameStore Prophets Podcast –http://www.innroadsministries.com/wordpress/category/podcast/gsp-podcast/
The Bard and Bible Podcast –http://www.innroadsministries.com/wordpress/tag/bard-bible/

Geek at Arms
Check out Bryan, James and their cohost Mike over at the Geek at Arms Podcast
Twitter –
Website –

Christian Gamer’s Guild
Find Bryan and his fellow members of the Christian Gamer’s Guild
(They also have a Discord server)

MinMax Podcast
Look for Kyle and his co-hosts Allen and Ashley at the MinMax Podcast
Twitter –
Website –

Chaos Reigns
Kyle’s Actual Play series set in the world of Ravnica is on Twitch!
Twitter –

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