Sergeant Cjic’s Notebook

(the following is an exert from Sergeant Cjic’s notebook during the recent Crosspoint’s adventure)

7th of Strenjke (November) 215

A new creature has entered the region in the last week.  Reports come in from various tribes of a large, green, quilled creature digging in the deserts near the Third Shelf.  Lord Grent is seeking assistance from other tribes and cities to gather an expeditionary force to investigate, lest the creature cause havoc on the outer villages and tribes.

10th of Strenjke 215

Lord Grent has received word from the Athterin’s (elves) to the north and the western Cyuren (dragonborn).  They will assist. He seeks also from our people and maybe a Tepriv (aarakocra) representative. 

14th of Strenjke 215

Four of us have been assigned to a group to follow the newly formed expedition.  Lord Grent wants to know what they are made of. Perhaps, greater unity from the local tribes could prove advantageous during this time of the Crosspoints (local term for the crossing of the main plane and this one. 

16th of Strenjke 215

We have been following the four explorers for 6 hours.  They may have noticed us… 


They definitely noticed us.  The aarakocra seems somewhat rude.  They are a most interesting lot.

17th of Strenjke 215

They defeated 3 Grentil Wolves.  Most impressive. They are intriguing to watch work.  Also very rude for leaving us to cross a river on horseback.  The beasts are not happy, nor should they be right now. The aarakocra was nice enough to fan us off to help us dry with his wings.  

19th of Strenjke 215.  

They put down the Quiladig, as I’m told the Athterin call it now.  Most curious creature. Lord Grent has paid them and ask for their possible use again later.  I am… impressed. Though the druid did scorch my notebook. Most rude. The aarakocra did give me an earring. Most interesting.


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