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The Rift

Seventeen years ago near Greyhold, on the edge of the Desert of the Grey Dragon, something very unexpected occured. This is that tale.

“A magus passed by the community on a journey of purpose. He was on his way to fight the dragon of the desert. Though he was well learned in the ways of the Magi, he had a different plan. He knew there were other ways of magic. Ones he had been taught not to use. But he was certain they were how he could end the dragon. The beast held such terror and complete reign over the desert. It was unsafe.”

“It wasn’t long before the dragon took note of this approach. And so he began. He sought to open a rift to another plane and force the dragon through. But these ways are forbidden for a reason. The rift he opened did not lead where he thought it would. He expected a barren waste. What he opened was the plane of Erihta, though he did not know this. Erihta is a place of powerful energy and beings who have learned its ways.”

The old man paused for a moment, seeming to reconsider his words. “Instead of trapping the dragon, the Magus had opened the entrance to something far worse. The creatures certainly took notice and wanted to see this other plane that they had not experienced before. He saw his mistake, and knew it was beyond his ability to correct. So, he cried out to Yahweh, his shield and protector. And Yahweh head the magi’s cry.”

“The magus wanted the rift sealed and the creatures driven back. But even in the midst of our mistakes, Yahweh can and will bring something positive. He did drive out the creatures. But instead of closing the rift, He simply blocked anything besides the mysterious crimson energy from passing through. The mage appealed to Yahweh. “Why Father? Why not close the Rift. The energy is too powerful.” “No, My son. There are some in this world who can handle this power I will bestow on them. They will henceforth be known as the Crimsonborne, for I have poured out the energy from the plane of Erihta, which is known as the Crimson Plane.” And so it has been since that time, 20 years ago. And so it shall continue to be as long as our Provider sees fit.”

The older gentleman looked at the children and smiled. “Blessings little ones.” He got up, raised his hood, and left the church. As he left, Reihani caught a glimpse of the arm he had kept tucked in to his cloak since he had arrived three days ago. Small crimson flecks flashed and rippled under the skin. She smiled. That explained his knowledge of what she and her siblings had been raised to be. The man had been kind but… burdened. She ran out after him. “Teacher…?,” she called out to him. He paused. “You are… like us?”

He hesitated. “Child… I am the reason you are who you are. But, I do understand your burden. For I carry it also. And Yahweh sends me around, to see those who hold the crimson in them. And so young one, is your life. Regardless of your purpose near the Rift at the time, Yahweh has determined that you are worthy. Worthy of carrying the power of this great energy. But to all, Yahweh gives free will. This same free will extends to you and your new found life. It is to you to choose how you use your gift.” The old man finished speaking and looked at her for a moment.

“What I meant to use for power myself, Yahweh has a greater purpose. Do not forget the blessing He has put in your life. You and your siblings be safe, Reihani.” The teacher drew up his cloak once more and walked off.

Character Building Notes from Jenny’s suggestions
Jenny – I am no good at telling whether something is under or overpowered, but may I make the suggestion that instead of red veins, it’s more like the Crimsonborne’s skin is somewhat opaline, in that there are flecks of red refracting under the skin. This is especially visible in the eyes. When a rift fleck is used, the opaline effect is somewhat diminished until the next long rest. I was thinking of going with a lot of light refraction stuff with my spell list, at least initially, so the whole crystalline aesthetic would go well with that.

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