Episode 12 – With Special Guests Peter and Jenny from Saving the Game!

Welcome back the City On A Hill Gaming Podcast!  We are back with Episode 12 of our 5e DnD game.  This week we were joined by two special guests!  Peter and Jenny, from the Saving The Game Podcast!  Big thanks to the two of them for joining for the next two episodes!   For more awesome Saving the Game content, check out stgcast.org or find them on Twitter @SavingTheGame.  For Peter, @Time_Spike and Jenny, @NinjaWieldsLime.  The third host of the show, Grant, can be found @STGGrant (and will hopefully also be on the show soon).  Check out their website for an awesome, family-friendly, and faith-holding Discord server full of gamers and nerds!


Other awesome people we talk about in this episode:

The Geek Preacher – geekpreacher.org or @geekpreacher on Twitter

Mike Perna – http://www.innroadsministries.com/wordpress/


Definitely go check out all these awesome nerdy and also Christian people out there!


And shout out to Blarey the Podcast Train!

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  1. That was an interesting episode.
    I am aware that this is a homebrew world, so not a generic D&D world. But is YHWH the only “true” God in this homebrew world?
    And if so, are the magical abilities being drawn upon similar to those in a real world setting with a demonic influence?

    Or is it more of a Lord of the Rings style of magic?
    With good and evil spirits at work in the real world?

    I enjoy world building and am loved and saved by Yeshua, as you guys are. I’ve been pondering different ways to influence some of my own works in a Godly direction. So anyway, quite intrigued . 🙂

    • http://admin says: -#2

      I’m honestly not sure how I haven’t noticed more of your comments till now. My honest apologies!

      Yes for our purposes, only YHWH. How that looks may change in the future. Still monotheistic based on God. But maybe some changes. Magic… well I mostly just let it be. I suppose more like LotR. It depends on classes in some cases as well.

      Glad you are enjoying it! The worldbuilding is a whole time. Making it work around God is a challenge sometimes.

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