Side Quest #1

Published on: 13th August, 2018

Welcome back to City On A Hill Gaming for a new possible series, Side Quest!  These will be short (er) episodes that come out kind of randomly.  My plan is record short sub stories with different people that can make interesting “side quests”.  Episode 1 of Side Quests features the return of Peter and Jenny from Saving the Game as Desilav and Sorrel!  And…  Grant from Saving the Game with a new character named Koga!  Thanks again to the three of them for joining us again for this!  Check them out!  Link below!  Thanks and God Bless!

Let me know what you think of the new concept!


For more awesome Saving the Game content, check out stgcast.org or find them on Twitter @SavingTheGame.
For Peter – @Time_Spike
Jenny – @NinjaWieldsLime
Grant –  @STGGrant

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